Hello my patient friends.

I hope everyone reading this is healthy and safe, but given the current times, I know that is unlikely. We here at BF have been coping more-or-less as well or badly as everyone else. Some days are better than others, and some nights are sleepless. Still healthy physically, but mentally depleted. Still standing, but in increasingly dire financial straits. Still hopeful, but definitely worried about both the near and long-term future.

How much space does that leave for “creativity” ?

Being on lockdown has given many of us an unusual luxury of time that could be spent on creative pursuits, but with the world on fire (in more ways than one) it can feel frivolous to spend time on such things. I get that. I’ve been struggling with it too. But this situation has also driven home the fact that the eternal DIY spirit might be the only thing that will save a lot of us from these difficult times – financially and emotionally.

As for me, I’ve been picking up new skills through online classes, from “Google Analytics” and “online marketing” to more hands-on stuff like getting better at InDesign, Premiere and Photoshop… and trying to figure out how to incorporate it all into creating better content and getting it seen by more people. Returning visitors might have noticed that this website and some of the elements in it have been tweaked and updated.

I’ve now also got three completed podcast episodes sitting on my hard drive, but currently don’t have the cash to pay for hosting and launching etc. This lockdown has also given me the time to explore the possible return of Bud Fallbrook a project I loved doing, but animating it just took too much time, for not enough of a creative (nor, admittedly, financial) pay-off.

Basically, we all have to do what will give us some comfort in these edgy times, and hopefully, those things will be positive and “part of the solution” as they say, and not “part of the problem.”

Stay Safe everyone.

Red Branch

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