It is true. Pop on over to the Blunt Farce YouTube Channel, and you’ll see that in just two months, Episode 2 of “Bud Fallbrook – Freelancer” has been viewed more than 45,000 times. This brings the total number of “download views” on the channel to just over 75,000.

Plus: Bud is now on Facebook. In less than a month he has already accumulated over 1,000 friends. Not bad… but wait, there’s more: We’ve even set up Bud with his own homepage. We’re not sure what THAT might lead to, but it should be interesting.

We’re not normally quite sooooo numbers-obsessed here at B-Farce, but it has been very gratifying to see the cartoon gain steam. We’re reaching more people and they’re spreading the word & sending us some great/positive feedback.

…of course all this also means it is time to get really moving on Episode 3.

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