You all should know by now that when the posts here are scarce that usually means we’re pretty busy here at Blunt Farce.

Tonight we (finally) finished basic animation and VO audio for Episode 3 of ‘Bud Fallbrook.’ We still have A LOT of tightening up to do before we can hand it over to EVIL TWINE so that they can add the “soundscapes & sound effects,” but we’re definitely glad to have finally wrapped up this phase of the process. Below you’ll see some sneak-peek production stills…

In other news, some possible $$ backing for the golf comedy/documentary fell through, so we’re thinking about setting up a (small) fundraising effort on kickstarter. This is still a very big ‘maybe’ because even though we’ve got a solid outline on what we hope to accomplish with it, we hadn’t really zeroed in on the budget etc. and, truth be told, it feels a little weird publicly trolling for money. We’ll see.

…and of course it seems like EVERYthing slows down around “The Holidays” …but we’re going full-speed here, and hope to have Episode 3 of Bud finished well before 2011 starts.

As promised, here are some stills & details pulled from Bud Fallbrook Episode 3

…and yes, even though it is the off-season, we’re still obsessed with the Hanshin Tigers.


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