We here at Blunt Farce are excited: In a few minutes we’re heading out the door to spend 4 days at the LA Comedy Shorts Festival. Really looking forward to the panels, screenings and, of course, parties.

In other news, there isn’t much at the moment… but ask us again in a few weeks.

Views of the new Bud Fallbrook episode have been a bit slower this time out due to, believe it or not, the tragic disaster(s) in Japan… A huge percentage of Fallbrook episode views have come from there – They appreciate interesting and odd animation we guess. Much as the rest of the world, we send our best thoughts and good wishes to the good people of Japan.

One thought

  1. Ok this is the only place I can leave a comment to you because you’re channel won’t let me comment! Argh! Anyway, In regards to your comment on my channel, no, I am not creating any music. What gave you that idea? Was it the compeition entry for movie-music-remix-master Pogo? He’s pretty good.

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