Been too long since our last update. We realize that a dull and unchanging webpage doesn’t really do much to raise the level of the world’s info… nor is it good for business. So what have we been up to?

Animating and Music/SFX creation is underway on the next TWO episodes of “Bud Fallbrook.” Heeding the advice of many friends and strangers we’ll be experimenting with making shorter episodes – around 3 minutes long instead of our usual 5 – 7 minute epics. Hopefully this will allow for a quicker turnaround.

We’re branching out into podcasting. While I’ve been an on-air contributor to a podcast for a while now, I hadn’t thought about making them, but now some ideas have started coming into focus.

Thought we had a nibble of interest on the “Ghost Mortem” twitter thriller… but it didn’t pan out (just another flake with a business card who tried to waste a lot of our time.) Probably for the best because, if you’ve noticed the twitter feed, the guy hasn’t posted an update for ages. Hmmm, might be a failed experiment, but we don’t want to give up on the guy….yet.

The docu/comedy about Golf, that we’ve long been hinting at might have a shot at some financial backing “sometime this Fall.” This is unexpected good news – We had shelved the whole idea as just too expensive to pull off on our own, but now? We’ll see.

Back to work.

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