Top news today is that our Bud Fallbrook cartoons have blown past the 100,000 “total views” mark on the youtube channel. This is thrilling news for us and we’re doing our best to follow up with a good/weird/interesting new episode as soon as possible (we’re just starting the animating phase of that one.) We’re thankful for all the hard work and talent that our friends have lent to the Fallbrook project and we hope the audience continues to grow.

In other news: We’re looking to branch off into some podcasting as well. We have a whiteboard filled with nearly a dozen ideas that we’re going to narrow down to ONE. …yes, we can be pretty ruthless here, even with our own ideas. The choosing process might turn out to be the ‘easy’ part, because we’ll then have to find the time, energy and resources to get to it. I’m sure Evil Twine will be intimately involved.

As always: STAY TUNED and thanks again for your support, input and (sometimes most importantly) patience.

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