It has been a hectic couple of months. There were some big changes that were good and some small ones that were less-than-good… but we’re still standing and, when not completely hammered by the kind of work that helps us earn a living, we’re working on moving things forward on our creative projects.

The Bud Fallbrook cartoons continue to be a source of wonder and frustration as we struggle with technical challenges that are delaying the next episode, while watching the audience for the existing episodes slowly, but surely, expand. We’re also in talks to get the cartoons posted on a new web venture… which would bring us more eyeballs overall, but would likely cannibalize our own youtube numbers. We’re trying to figure out if the trade-off will be worth it or not. Our top priority at the moment is to get the new episode into shape, then we’ll worry about where we’re going to show them.

In other news, we’ve test-recorded some of the podcasts we hinted at in previous posts. The idea is still sound, but our execution isn’t where we want it to be, so there are still some issues we need to work out — and of course TIME is one of them. There are only so many hours in the day.

Basically: We’re not taking any time off this Summer… no “hiatus” here.

Keep fighting the good fight everyone!

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