Greetings patient friends. I continue to battle strong financial headwinds and am still doing all that can be done to keep the Blunt Farce spirit alive. If anything, these ceaseless difficulties have only strengthened my resolve to have my neo-Dada-ist say in the world and to encourage like-minded people in their own creative endeavors.

The podcast materials are still accumulating on my hard drives: test scripts, sound beds and my ever-growing collection of found audio bits and recordings. Meanwhile, I’m still pushing our slightly subversive, but always positive, DIY, “Everyone can make SOMEthing – and should.” credo. The tools are out there. Everyone can try to create and conjure up something new. This could be a golden age for culture-jammers, iconoclasts and instigators of all stripes. If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware that I’m doing what I can (for free) on social media to keep the creative juices flowing and to connect with as many artists and sub-culture-y folks around the world as I can… but if not, join me on:








“Victory Through Humor.”

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