Greetings all.

The first big news is that the “Buy Stuff” page on this site finally has some options!

Here is what has been happening:

We continue to search for new ways to finance our projects and ideas in an environment that is currently so fiscally difficult that even our most humble plans and ideas often seem out-of-reach. We have met and “gone down the road” a bit with a couple of potential sponsors, which is always a nice idea at first… until the “conditions” start rolling in; things like editorial restrictions and/or script pre-approval requirements etc. It is one thing to sell-out for big $$, but to have to potentially compromise an idea, even before it has really started to turn into something, for such small potatoes financial assistance, just isn’t worth it.

As we’ve mentioned in this space before: a Patreon page might make good sense, but only after we’ve launched the podcast and proven that we can create (and continue to consistently create) something of value for supporters. I don’t want people to have to “take our word for it.” I want them to be able to hear what we’re doing and then decide if it is something they want to support.

It might seem like we’re getting things a bit backward here, but we are starting to sell MERCH to support a project [specifically the Blunt Farce Podcast] that does not yet exist in the wild, although it does currently exist in the form of several test episodes on my hard drive. The idea is to give people something of value now (ie: a T-shirt) for their support now. Later? Who knows?

For now, nothing beats the low-overhead of Merch for Amazon. I do the designs THEY deal with the printing, shipping and most crucially: payments. Whether you trust me or not, you know purchases on AMAZON are always seamless and relatively safe.

So click over to the BUY STUFF page and check it all out.

Thank you !

cat and man for buy stuff page 2


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