Nothing like closing out a long, weird and often difficult year (for everyone) with some good news:

Bud Fallbrook Lives!!

Think of it as Bud 2.0. Starting in 2018 we’ll finally be cranking out regular episodes in a new format, with a new look, and with an actual distributor. A big thanks to our new partners who helped (with encouragement and with $) to resurrect Bud in his new form. … and an even bigger thanks to the many Bud fans who have been so supportive and who missed Bud.

More details to follow of course, but for now, enjoy your Holidays and enjoy (and share) the new clip:


…meanwhile, we’re still too broke to launch the podcast, but things are definitely looking up, so who knows what other good news 2018 will bring?

Stay Strong Everyone!

Be the weird you want to see in the world.

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