man in blue suit sitting at desk with lava lamp

The rumors are true. After nearly a decade of starts and stops, and exciting possibilities that turned into dead ends, we have decided to re-launch Bud Fallbrook in a new ‘Talk Show” format. It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out why this is happening, and why it is happening now. …we have the time.

Animating anything, even in this era of drag-and-drop software, is a time-consuming exercise. It is a tough thing to do “just for fun,” which is why the original cartoons ended after five episodes (and over 100,000 views); after production entities most likely to be interested in that sort of thing ‘passed’ on it, and other (paying) work came along, the “Bud Fallbrook Project” got sidelined. Then, in the “2.0” phase, there was actually some interest and the project was “optioned” by an entity that had some big ideas, but zero in the way of follow-through, so then it was a question of waiting out their option, which again made this whole project seem like more hassle than it was/is worth.

But the world changes, as do our personal circumstances. So we’re going to try to roll Bud back out while trying to keep the production process as streamlined as possible… because, as always, this is still a one-man operation, and there are only so many hours in the day.

So hey! …tune in and subscribe.

Something is about to happen.


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