Blunt Farce StarHeart design and 2021 motto

Here we are, finally. Has anything really changed since yesterday? Mostly ‘no’ but we have all agreed, as a planet, that there is some real significance to flipping over to a new calendar with the feeling a new, fresh start. Although change is always possible and can start at any moment that the desire to change strikes us, you can’t deny that there is a certain additional energy when everyone is feeling the same way.

I hope whoever is reading this made it through 2020 at least relatively OK. We had some serious struggles here; lost some friends to covid and to some of the other horrors that grab people even when there is no pandemic to worry about. I know I lost work, lost money, lost friends, lost a lot of faith in our system and lost quite a bit of hope. …and even so, I know how lucky I’ve been that it all hasn’t been even worse. I’ve seen some very, very strong people get their asses completely kicked by this horrible year.

2020 reminded everyone that our plans, goals, and to-do lists can be rendered meaningless in an instant. I hope that means we’ll be re-examining those plans and goals and re-prioritizing the order of that to-do list. I know I’ve been rethinking a lot of things. I’m sure you have too.

I hope everyone reading this has a better year in 2021, full of hope, creativity and joy. Let’s all re-find the wonder and get back to doing the kind of work that revives our spirits.

Red Branch

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