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A new podcast… in the making.

February 5, 2015

We’re still working out a whole bunch of stuff, like figuring out hosting and all the technical “backstage” things that are necessary to bring a new podcast to life and give it a chance to find an audience,

…but we are excited.

TINRadio HellerX


As We Were saying…

June 26, 2013


It is no coincidence that we are posting this message exactly one year since our last post.


We are finally free of a one-year “option” that didn’t work out quite as well as any of the parties involved might have hoped. We’ll spare everyone the details, but it mostly involved some over-reach on the part of some creative partners who thought their involvement in ONE potential BluntFarce project somehow meant that they now had a stake in any/all other BF projects.  …so we waited them and their flimsy documentation out. We didn’t work on ANY Blunt Farce projects until today.

Today we’re back at work. So Bud Fallbrook fans can finally expect a new episode soon. Meanwhile, writing can commence on a possible new series of comedy/religious webisodes.

Thank you for your patience & Stay Tuned!



Summertime, and the living is busy…

June 26, 2012

It has been a hectic couple of months. There were some big changes that were good and some small ones that were less-than-good… but we’re still standing and, when not completely hammered by the kind of work that helps us earn a living, we’re working on moving things forward on our creative projects.

The Bud Fallbrook cartoons continue to be a source of wonder and frustration as we struggle with technical challenges that are delaying the next episode, while watching the audience for the existing episodes slowly, but surely, expand. We’re also in talks to get the cartoons posted on a new web venture… which would bring us more eyeballs overall, but would likely cannibalize our own youtube numbers. We’re trying to figure out if the trade-off will be worth it or not. Our top priority at the moment is to get the new episode into shape, then we’ll worry about where we’re going to show them.

In other news, we’ve test-recorded some of the podcasts we hinted at in previous posts. The idea is still sound, but our execution isn’t where we want it to be, so there are still some issues we need to work out — and of course TIME is one of them. There are only so many hours in the day.

Basically: We’re not taking any time off this Summer… no “hiatus” here.

Keep fighting the good fight everyone!

Spring updates.

March 23, 2012

Top news today is that our Bud Fallbrook cartoons have blown past the 100,000 “total views” mark on the youtube channel. This is thrilling news for us and we’re doing our best to follow up with a good/weird/interesting new episode as soon as possible (we’re just starting the animating phase of that one.) We’re thankful for all the hard work and talent that our friends have lent to the Fallbrook project and we hope the audience continues to grow.

In other news: We’re looking to branch off into some podcasting as well. We have a whiteboard filled with nearly a dozen ideas that we’re going to narrow down to ONE. …yes, we can be pretty ruthless here, even with our own ideas. The choosing process might turn out to be the ‘easy’ part, because we’ll then have to find the time, energy and resources to get to it. I’m sure Evil Twine will be intimately involved.

As always: STAY TUNED and thanks again for your support, input and (sometimes most importantly) patience.

Happy New Year

January 6, 2012

We here at Blunt Farce remain fairly convinced that the world will not be ending in cataclysm next December – regardless of what the neo-Mayans in the office might be telling us – so with that in mind the rest of us are looking forward to a happy and productive year.

2011 finished on a high note (pun not intended) with the warm reception & good feedback that the latest Bud Fallbrook episode got. We appreciate it and are hard at work on getting Episode 5 out as soon as possible. There are, of course, non-Fallbrook-related projects in the works and at various stages of development, funding and interest, so we’re not sure exactly what we’ll be focusing on first… but there will be SOMEthing of course. Meanwhile we’ve been pleasantly surprised by a few email requests for swag/merch, so one of our goals is to finally get a cafepress shop up and running to add a few T-shirts to the world’s closets.

We want to thank everyone for their continued interest and for their continued support of our little enterprise. We hope to fulfill and exceed your expectations.

…and we hope all of YOU have a great 2012 as well.

Finishing the year strong.

November 28, 2011

After an extended period of radio silence, Blunt Farce is finally moving forward again. Even though this is a quiet time of year we’re finally seeing some movement on future projects. 2012 is already shaping up to be better than 2011 (and 2010.)

Best immediate news is this: We’ve finally completed Episode 4 of Bud Fallbrook and have posted it on the YouTube page. –>

… or just click on the picture below

Updates for September

September 16, 2011

Things have been quiet, especially at the bank. We’ve lost backing/funding for not one, but two projects due to nothing other than the sucky economy. These sorts of things send us back to the drawing board of course – looking for ways to adapt the project, adjust the budget or move on to other areas etc… anything but stop. Here at Blunt Farce, we never stop – and we never will.

People are asking so I’ll tell you: YES, work continues on Episode 4 of Bud Fallbrook… honest it does. We did get sidetracked by a few things for a couple of months, but at least those were all technical issues and not financial ones. We’re now in the animating phase, then the Evil Twine guys will have a go at the music and Sound FX  and then we’ll post it, as soon as we possibly can.  Obviously it wasn’t our intent to take so long between episodes.

…and in other news we’ve got to plan a trip to the Austin Film Festival next month (we’ve been ‘invited’ – sweet) and, possibly: a trip to Switzerland for a screening this Winter… We’ll share the details if/when WE know them.

That’s it from here. Thanks for the interest. Keep sending in the emails etc.

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