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Finishing the year strong.

November 28, 2011

After an extended period of radio silence, Blunt Farce is finally moving forward again. Even though this is a quiet time of year we’re finally seeing some movement on future projects. 2012 is already shaping up to be better than 2011 (and 2010.)

Best immediate news is this: We’ve finally completed Episode 4 of Bud Fallbrook and have posted it on the YouTube page. –>

… or just click on the picture below

Updates for September

September 16, 2011

Things have been quiet, especially at the bank. We’ve lost backing/funding for not one, but two projects due to nothing other than the sucky economy. These sorts of things send us back to the drawing board of course – looking for ways to adapt the project, adjust the budget or move on to other areas etc… anything but stop. Here at Blunt Farce, we never stop – and we never will.

People are asking so I’ll tell you: YES, work continues on Episode 4 of Bud Fallbrook… honest it does. We did get sidetracked by a few things for a couple of months, but at least those were all technical issues and not financial ones. We’re now in the animating phase, then the Evil Twine guys will have a go at the music and Sound FX  and then we’ll post it, as soon as we possibly can.  Obviously it wasn’t our intent to take so long between episodes.

…and in other news we’ve got to plan a trip to the Austin Film Festival next month (we’ve been ‘invited’ – sweet) and, possibly: a trip to Switzerland for a screening this Winter… We’ll share the details if/when WE know them.

That’s it from here. Thanks for the interest. Keep sending in the emails etc.

Updates for July.

July 12, 2011

Been too long since our last update. We realize that a dull and unchanging webpage doesn’t really do much to raise the level of the world’s info… nor is it good for business. So what have we been up to?

Animating and Music/SFX creation is underway on the next TWO episodes of “Bud Fallbrook.” Heeding the advice of many friends and strangers we’ll be experimenting with making shorter episodes – around 3 minutes long instead of our usual 5 – 7 minute epics. Hopefully this will allow for a quicker turnaround.

We’re branching out into podcasting. While I’ve been an on-air contributor to a podcast for a while now, I hadn’t thought about making them, but now some ideas have started coming into focus.

Thought we had a nibble of interest on the “Ghost Mortem” twitter thriller… but it didn’t pan out (just another flake with a business card who tried to waste a lot of our time.) Probably for the best because, if you’ve noticed the twitter feed, the guy hasn’t posted an update for ages. Hmmm, might be a failed experiment, but we don’t want to give up on the guy….yet.

The docu/comedy about Golf, that we’ve long been hinting at might have a shot at some financial backing “sometime this Fall.” This is unexpected good news – We had shelved the whole idea as just too expensive to pull off on our own, but now? We’ll see.

Back to work.

Festival Fiesta

April 7, 2011

We here at Blunt Farce are excited: In a few minutes we’re heading out the door to spend 4 days at the LA Comedy Shorts Festival. Really looking forward to the panels, screenings and, of course, parties.

In other news, there isn’t much at the moment… but ask us again in a few weeks.

Views of the new Bud Fallbrook episode have been a bit slower this time out due to, believe it or not, the tragic disaster(s) in Japan… A huge percentage of Fallbrook episode views have come from there – They appreciate interesting and odd animation we guess. Much as the rest of the world, we send our best thoughts and good wishes to the good people of Japan.

… and now for something completely different.

February 20, 2011

Blunt Farce has just joined up with a new contributor who will be telling his story via twitter… Depending on how this develops we might figure out a way (or ways) to bring it to you in other media. We have no idea what might happen, we just know an interesting idea/story when we hear one.

…and this is a ghost story.

Check out his new twitter feed @ghostmortem and spread the word.

Quick updates BluntFarce style.

February 10, 2011

>> After a slow start, Episode 3 of Bud Fallbrook is starting to find some traction and the YouTube channel has picked up some new subscribers and friends, which is always nice.

>> We have moved to a better location, which is good news, but it basically took a month and a half, so things have been a bit confused and slow. Not a lot of new activity to report… but we’ve at least had a few interesting meetings on other projects.

Hope your year is off to as good a start!

“Bud Fallbrook” Episode 3 released into the wild.

January 15, 2011

After an epic post-production ordeal that we will spare you the details of, we are proud to let everyone know that Episode 3 of Bud Fallbrook has finally been posted on the YouTube Channel.  We hope you and at least 50,000 of your friends watch it and dig it.


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